Sunday, October 26, 2014

Report cards are out, and we are ready to start our second week of term 2.  We have been talking a lot about farms, what comes from farms, what tools are used on forms, how things get from farms to home, etc.  In enrichment we have been searching US and world maps to find areas with certain types of farms.

The farm field trip was great!  We saw and touched farm animals, walked through a corn maze, and chose a pumpkin to take home.  In class for the rest of the week we talked about what we had seen and made connections to things we had learned about farms already.

This Friday will be our Halloween Party!  Thanks to Charity Cobb and all of the parents who are involved in the planning of this.  Please send your child to school Friday morning in his or her costume.  AM class ends at the regular time of 1030.  If you want to attend or watch the parade at 1045, feel free to bring your child and keep him or her with you, as I will be with my PM class.  Enrichment will end at the regular Friday time of 120.

We are starting spelling this week.  Please watch for spelling lists and explanations to go home Monday.

More to come!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Today we started our new IB unit, EIEIO, about farms and how we share the planet.  Our lines of inquiry are:

1. What comes from farms?
2. How do farms work?
3. How do things get from the farm to my home?

Look for information coming on a project to search for farm products at home as well as information about a final project - an oral report on farms!

Please remember that daily reading is essential!  At least 20 minutes a day (5 of those must be your child reading to you) of reading or being read to is extremely important.  Each child will read with me either 1-on-1 or in a small group 1-2 times per week as well.  Let's really make this happen for our kids!

Thanks to all of you who come on and volunteer - you really make a difference!  And...there is always room for more!

This week is our Annual Giving fund drive.  We are shooting for 100% participation in our classes.  Please take the opportunity to donate online or by sending in the envelope that was sent to your home last week.  The funds we collect during Annual Giving allow us to purchase new computers, keep assistants in the classrooms, and other things that make Channing Hall the school community that we are.  Please join us in our goal of 100% participation!

Friday night at 5:00 is our annual Harvest Festival, marking the end of Annual Giving week.  please be sure to attend, and feel free to bring family and friends!  There will be a petting zoo, ponies, a camel, face painting, several fun games, even BINGO!  Come and enjoy some time with our Channing Hall family.  All proceeds go to the school!

Thanks for your support!  You really do make the difference!

Monday, September 29, 2014

We are winding down our first IB unit, Me-Ology this week.  We have been discussing physical similarities and differences between us as well an emotional similarities and differences between us. We have also talked and read about the things that our bodies can do, with a special focus on the five senses.

We have talked about being balanced in our lives, and that we need to do some work, some play, some study, some sleep, etc., being sure to avoid overdoing one area at the expense of another.  We have spent a lot of time talking about how our emotional and physical differences are a part of us, and of all people.  This has led to an understanding of CARING, another attribute of our IB Learner Profile.

Our enrichment class has done several graphs showing various favorites within our class (animals, drinks, treats, etc.), highlighting again our differences and similarities.  We have gone in-depth in our study of our bodies, especially focusing on our skeletal system and circulatory system.  Scientist Suzy has presented several GREAT lessons on our nervous system and our senses,  Ms Rosanne has taught us how we can use our inherent "super powers" to assist us in self-control.

Coming up next week:  E-I-E-I-O, our unit on farms!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Things are in full swing now!

AM Class
Each week your child is bringing home a sheet with two or three weekly sight words.  Please be sure to do the sight words homework DAILY as you are doing your child's (at least) 20-minutes-a-day reading.  Please remember that at least five minutes of this reading should be done by your child!  The rest can be done by you.

Each week we are doing 10 centers including literacy (phonics, phonemic awareness), social studies, science, art, and play.  Here is the schedule for those, followed by the awesome volunteers who are coming in:
Monday:  850-930 - Charity Cobb
Tuesday:  850-935 -
Thursday:  850-935 - Paige Farnsworth, Sam Anhorn
Friday:  930-1000 - Brenda Gourley, The Parks

As you can see, we have some great volunteers for centers time.  We could still use some assistance on Monday (one helper) and Tuesday (two helpers).  Check your schedule and see if you can help us out!  Soon we will be starting spelling, and we will need one parent daily to be our Spelling King or Spelling Queen, and run the spelling center with the kids.  It takes a little training, please let me know if this job is calling out to you!

We are also doing 8 math stations per week.  These are the same thing as centers, except that they are all math-based.  Here is the schedule for those, followed by the awesome volunteers who are coming in:
Monday:  1040-1115 -
Tuesday:  1040-1115 - Tasha Lowery, Misty Lewis, Alecia Murphy
Wednesday:  1040-1115 - Rori Hendrix
Thursday:  1040-1115 -Paige Farnsworth, Melissa Burridge

As you can see, we also have some great volunteers for math stations time.  We could still use some assistance on Monday (two helpers) and Wednesday (one helper).  Check your schedule and see if you can help us out!

The more assistants we have at centers and stations time, the more I can focus on reading/math work with small groups or one-on-one.  This is where your stuggling kids get extra attention.  This is where your advanced kids also get extra attention.  This is also where the kids who are performing on grade level get extra attention as well!

Leveled Libray books have started going home.  The level that your child brings home is his or he MASTERED LEVEL, in class I am working with your child one level higher, on his or her INSTRUCTIONAL LEVEL.  Please send those back signed by you whenever your child would like a new book!

Our first show and tell is this Friday!  The following students can bring a show and tell if they so choose:  Ashton, Braelyn, Caden, Colton, Easton, Elias, Elliot, Grey.  One item only please!

We have started our Spanish practice, and are working this term on  counting from 1-20.  Please support your kids in practicing.  We will get up to ten this week!

The Golden Rule project is a service-based activity that is done at home with your child.  Carefully discuss and choose a service with your child, and after accomplishing the project, please assist your child to fill out the reflection form that was included in your red information folder at the first of the year.  This is a school-wide required project.

Our Annual Giving fund drive is fast approaching!  The drive culminates in our annual Harvest Festival, this year held on October 10th.  Please watch for more information on this year's activities!

Our Me-Ology IB unit is in full swing as well.  Our Transdisciplinary Theme for this unit is Who We Are.  As a class we are looking at physical and emotional similarities and differences between ourselves and others.  We have compared ourselves to each other and also compared ourselves to our own baby pictures to note differences   We are talking and leaning about being CARING, BALANCED, and REFLECTIVE, all of which are aspects of our IB Leaner Profile.

We are currently working on our RED song, our ANT ZIPPER song, our 1,2,3 song, and The Star Spangled Banner!

More to come!

Enrichment Class
Starting this Friday, you child is bringing home a folder with the work for the week inside.  We rarely if ever have any homework from enrichment, but we do a LOT of work here!  Each folder has four pockets, one for Social Studies, one for Math, one for Science, and one for Fine Arts.  Whenever we do an activity or project that has paperwork of some sort, your child will bring it home at the end of the week.  Please be sure to send those back every Monday morning!

Here are the volunteers that we have coming in regularly so far:
Monday:  Amy Woodbury
Tuesday:  Amy Reading, Rosanne
Wednesday:  Leslee Gray
Thursday:  Jenn Wall

We still need someone on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday!  The more (consistent) help we have, the more GREAT stuff we can do here!

For our first six weeks of class, our focus is on our Me-ology IB unit, and all of the activities, projects, and centers that we do will be connected to that unit in some way.  

On Mondays we do Social Studies.  Our centers throughout the term will include several information gathering activities on physical similarities and differences between members of the class.  This information will be used on Tuesdays (math day) to make graphs about our class.  We also will have a center each week about things that make us feel happy, scared, angry, etc., and the results of our questioning center will be the topic for a discussion about how we feel the same or differently about things, and why.  We will also have a 15-minutes center each week that will be a discussion on various topics.

Tuesdays are Math days.  We will be taking the results of our Social Studies work and graphing the results, sometimes working on estimating the results before we graph them out.  We are also playing various games designed to give us practice on matching numbers to objects, number recognition, and number comparing.  This gives us an opportunity to solidify things learned in the morning class, taking time to assist those who need review, practice those who are learning on schedule, and add a bit to those who are already solid on the concept.

Wednesday is Fine Arts day.  We do five fine arts centers each Wednesday.  Some will be based on the physical aspect of our unit (bones, heart, body, etc.), and some on the emotional side (feelings, ideas, etc.)  Occasionally we have a guest (actor, artist, dancer, etc.)

Thursday is Science day.  Our centers include anatomy, microscope study, x-ray study, etc.  We have a scientist, Ms, Suzy, who comes every Thursday to do a class project!

Friday is Health and Fitness day, and is also used to do any make-up things that may have been unfinished during the week.  We have a health specialist, Ms. Rosanne, who comes and helps us to learn about being healthy in our bodies and our minds.

We are working on a few songs:  The Skeleton Inside, It Starts With the Heart, Balanced, and Reflective!

We have three more week of our Me-Ology unit, then we move on!  Please check this website weekly for updates and information!  Keep those volunteers coming!!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

What a great first day!  It was wonderful finally getting all of the kids together and really starting the school year.

For AM kids, please note the sight words for this week - the homework is in the yellow folder and needs to come back this Friday.  Thanks to all of you who have already set up volunteer time, keep it coming!  Ideally, we will have two or three parents per day during centers and math stations time.  We are in full swing come next Tuesday, so please let me know ASAP when you would like to come in!

Enrichment parents - we have had to make an adjustment to pour schedule to accommodate a change ion lunchtime.  Please note the updated schedule at the bottom of this web page.  We would love to have two or three parents DAILY during our Enrichment centers time.  Please let me know ASAP when you are available to help out in class, we will be in full swing and completely on schedule by Tuesday September 2nd!

Please also remember how essential daily reading is for your children.  Being read to for 20 minutes a day makes a real difference in your child's reading progress.  Eventually the ratio will shift and your child will be doing more and more of the reading on his or her own, but be be sure to continue reading to your child daily at this point.

Well, hopefully the stuffed animals have gone to sleep by now, I guess we'll know tomorrow morning how it all went!

More to come!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Water Party time!  

Please send your child to school Tuesday June 10th in a swimsuit UNDER his or her CH uniform.  Please send a towel and a hat.  Please be sure your child is sunscreened before coming to school.  The water party will be the last bit of class, AM starting at 1000, PM starting at 200.  Pickup will be done just like a normal day.  Students DO NOT need to bring files any more from Tuesday.

Final Party time!

Wednesday is our final party.  AM will be from 815-1000, please pick up your children at 1000 in teh usual manner.  PM will start at 1015 and will be released at 1200, pickup will be the same as every day.

Thank you!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

As you can see from the schedule of the week posted below, it is really a full and busy time!  If you are available, PLEASE come on in during centers time to assist!  We could really use whoever is available.  Thank you!

Friday is Fun Run day.  ALL students need to be here at 815, and will be done at 120, at the regular end of the day.  Please let me know by Thursday if your child needs a school lunch on Friday or if you will be sending a lunch.  Thank you!

Please have your child here by 645 for the 700 program on Tuesday evening.  We will sing and do a bit of beat poetry for you.  Please be sure that your child is dressed in "Sunday Best."  We should be finished by 800.  Thank you!

OK!  Plunging into our last hurrah!!!
This is our last (almost) full week of academic possibilities!  Here is the schedule for the week:

820-830 grounding 820-830 grounding 820-830 grounding 820-830 grounding
830-850 Language Arts 830-850 Language Arts 830-850 Language Arts 830-850 Language Arts
850-935 centers 850-935 centers 850-935 centers 850-935 centers
935-1000 writing 935-1000 writing 935-1000 writing 935-1000 writing
1000-1015 recess 1000-1015 recess 1000-1015 recess 1000-1015 recess
1015-1025 storytime 1015-1025 storytime 1015-1025 storytime 1015-1025 storytime
1025-1040 math 713 1025-1040 math 719 1025-1040 subtraction 1025-1040 subtraction
1040-1055 coins 1040-1055 coins 1040-1055 coins 1040-1055 coins
1055-1115 program prac. 1055-1115 program prac. 1055-1115   1055-1115  
1115-1120 cleanup 1115-1120 cleanup 1115-1120 cleanup 1115-1120 cleanup
1220-1230 grounding 1220-1230 grounding 1220-1230 grounding 1220-1230 grounding
1230-1250 Language Arts 1230-1250 Language Arts 1230-1250 Language Arts 1230-1250 Language Arts
1250-135 centers 1250-135 centers 1250-135 centers 1250-135 centers
135-200 writing 135-200 writing 135-200 writing 135-200 writing
200-215 recess 200-215 recess 200-215 recess 200-215 recess
215-225 storytime 215-225 storytime 215-225 storytime 215-225 storytime
225-240 math 713 225-240 math 719 225-240 subtraction 225-240 subtraction
240-255 coins 240-255 coins 240-255 coins 240-255 coins
255-315 program prac. 255-315 program prac. 255-315   255-315  
315-320 cleanup 315-320 cleanup 315-320 cleanup 315-320 cleanup      

Wednesday, May 14, 2014



except for your child's assigned time

Thank you!!!
Here is the Animal Summative Assessment report schedule:

Tue 27th  Thu 29th 
Fri 30th 
850-855 Ocean Stewart 850-855 Annabelle Nuttall 905-910 Ashlyn Cline
855-900 Mateo Hollenbach 855-900 Ryker Roberts 910-915 Hunter Scheffield
900-905 Carissa Lundberg 900-905 Jayda Runia 915-920 Erin Astin
905-910 Colby Blackham 905-910 Ashton Woodbury 920-925 Bridger Gee
910-915 Ashleigh Pester 910-915 Lexi Simons 925-930 Sienna Jenson
915-920 Ozzy Pixton 915-920 David Shern 930-935 James Barroso
920-925 Tahlia Alger 920-925 Ysabel Nelson 935-940 Ben Bautista
925-930 Gavin Gunnarson 925-930 Weston Briggs

930-935 Lily Worthley 930-935 Evan Losada

1250-1255 Natalie Miller 1250-1255 Katelyn Moffatt 1200-1205 Ainsley Linford
1255-100 Tanya Patel 1255-100 Paige Frohman 1205-1210 Sarah Schmitt
100-105 George Hammell 100-105 Casey Bills 1210-1215 Bryon Trimble
105-110 Shelby Kener 105-110 Riley Levin 1215-1220 Aundra Dillard
110-115 Lucy Hammell 110-115 Gracie Lund 1220-1225 Lizzie McKinnon
115-120 Dylan Swensen 115-120 Jakob Johnson 1225-1230 Beau Edmunds
120-125 Carah Garff 120-125 Kate Wilkinson 1230-1235 Eliza Scott
125-130 Savannah Powell 125-130 Scarlett Johnsen 1235-1240 Avery Lehenbauer
130-135 Kai Fehrenbach 130-135 Kacetin Parry

Monday, May 12, 2014

We have four weeks of work left!  This week we are pushing hard, with centers and math stations going strong!  Let's all work to really keep things going strong - no slacking until the year is truly done!

Please remember that daily reading (at least 20 minutes) is essential!

Please keep up on homework.  Math and Sight Words papers are down to about 50% - half of the students are not turning homework in!

Thanks to the volunteers who are still coming in regularly.  Please keep us going until the end of the first week of June - we are really working hard to get the kids as solidly ready to move from kindergarten as possible, and we really need your continued support!!!

Thank you!

Monday, March 31, 2014

The fourth term is upon us!  WOW!  This year is really flying!

We have a lot to do this term!  Let's go one step at a time...

Research Buddies this week!  As was mentioned in an email, we need a few volunteers to fill in the gaps between our Kindergarten numbers and the Middle School numbers.  Please come on in and help us out!

This Friday is the last Show and Tell for our middle group.

The week of April 21-25 will be oral reports week!  Times and dates will be sent out this week!  Research will be sent home on Thursday, all you will need to do is out the report together with your child and practice - the information-gathering will be all done!  A rubric with the requirements for the report will be sent home on the back of the research.  Please also remember that a tri-fold poster is very hard to hang up in the hall, a regular flat poster works best!

There has been a steady waning of volunteers the past 2 months or so...please remember that we really need your support especially during centers time and math stations time to make sure that every child in class has what he or she needs to be successful and stretch their minds.

Thanks for all you do!!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 has been a while!  Here is was so proud of how well things were going this year, how smoothly things were flowing...and then I realized I have totally neglected the class blog!

As you can see from the upcoming events list, we have a party this Friday, and all of next week is off.  Yes, the time off will be nice and give ma a chance to catch up on things (next years scope and sequence, etc.), but it always comes with a price - I don't get to be with the kids for several days!

Jazz reading has a full week left - the last minutes will be turned in BY EMAIL on Tuesday the 18th.  More on that procedure will come to you through your email - please watch for it.  We are doing well again this year, the kids are reading a lot.  I did notice a dip in our minutes this past week, we are down several hundred in both classes.  Let's step it up again and really end strong!  As you may or may not know, for every 1000 minutes that my kids read, I will take a pie in the face at our Jazz assembly.  At the moment, we are looking at 57 pies.  Last year's class set a record and i was smashed by 82 pies - I'm SURE we can beat that this year!  100 pies would be awesome!  It means a LOT of reading these last 8 days!  Let's go for it!!!

On the serious side of reading, I have seen enormous growth in the students' reading skills through the past few weeks - as always happens.  Please take the chance to really push for this last week.  There is ALWAYS a positive result in the form of stronger reading skills!  Thank you for your support!

More to come!