Monday, February 25, 2013

Welcome back!  It was great to see the kids again, I miss them when we have these long holidays!

Congratulations to us all!  Channing Hall was in the top 10 schools in the state in the Jazz Reading contest!  That means we get a Utah Jazz player to come and do an assembly!  We also get a school-wide ice cream party!  I would like to particularly recognize the Half-Day Kindergarten classes, who combined read nearly 80,000 minutes!  Great job!!!  The Jazz player assembly will be held this Thursday (Feb. 28th) at 1:00 in the Channing Hall cafeteria.  I found out late this afternoon that the assembly where teachers keep their promises to their students (I get pies smashed in my face) will be held immediately following the Jazz player assembly.  Parents of AM students, PLEASE fell free to bring your students back to school at 1:00 for these events.  The AM class broke 50,000 minutes this year, and they deserve to see this stuff!

We start a new IB unit this week, all about community helpers.  your children will have the chance to again prepare and present an oral report.  However, this time the research will be done here at school, and a paper with your child's research and a rubric will be sent home.  More information on this as well as presentation times will be coming soon.  Children will choose a profession on their own to report on.  Because we want a variety of reports, there will only be one of each profession reported on in each class.

Believe it or not, we only have four weeks left in the third term!  Let's keep up with daily reading and sight word practice!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Welcome to our first relatively normal week in quite a while!  Of course, we do have the Valentine's party and our final art projects this week to break things up, but at least no days off this week!

Please remember to keep up the heat on our Jazz reading.  The kids are doing so well, and I have seen reading improvement in many of them already.  Remember - 20 minutes a day minimum, and our class goal through February 19th is one hour a day!

Thanks to all of you who came to conferences and took time out of your schedule to come and chat about your children.  As always feel free at any time to email me or ask directly if you have questions, concerns, etc.

Next week there is no school.  Another chance for me to miss the kids...anyway, enjoy the time off with your family!  I will be in contact with you to get your child's final Jazz reading minutes on Tuesday the 19th, so please be aware of your email or your phone!

Thanks for all you do!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How is the reading coming?  We are seeing a difference with several children already, with many assessments passed this week.  Keep it up, it TRULY makes a difference!

Our AM class is still in 2nd place in the school!  However, it is a tenuous lead - we need to really step it up if we want to keep it!  The PM team is 10th in the school, beating ALL 1st grade, 2nd grade classes!  Way to go guys!  kindergarten readers are the BEST!!!

The school total minutes are 221, 143, and the 1/2 day Kindergartens have contributed 28,482 of those minutes!!  Awesome!!!

Please remember to sigh up for conferences if you have not yet.  Those are Wednesday the 6th and Thursday the 7th.

We have had 34 shoeboxes for Valentine boxes come in so far.  18 more to go!  Please send those in if you have one or more to spare.  Thanks!  Thanks also to the volunteers who are preparing the boxes for decoration!

I look forward to seeing you all this week at conferences!