Monday, March 31, 2014

The fourth term is upon us!  WOW!  This year is really flying!

We have a lot to do this term!  Let's go one step at a time...

Research Buddies this week!  As was mentioned in an email, we need a few volunteers to fill in the gaps between our Kindergarten numbers and the Middle School numbers.  Please come on in and help us out!

This Friday is the last Show and Tell for our middle group.

The week of April 21-25 will be oral reports week!  Times and dates will be sent out this week!  Research will be sent home on Thursday, all you will need to do is out the report together with your child and practice - the information-gathering will be all done!  A rubric with the requirements for the report will be sent home on the back of the research.  Please also remember that a tri-fold poster is very hard to hang up in the hall, a regular flat poster works best!

There has been a steady waning of volunteers the past 2 months or so...please remember that we really need your support especially during centers time and math stations time to make sure that every child in class has what he or she needs to be successful and stretch their minds.

Thanks for all you do!!!