Wednesday, May 14, 2014



except for your child's assigned time

Thank you!!!
Here is the Animal Summative Assessment report schedule:

Tue 27th  Thu 29th 
Fri 30th 
850-855 Ocean Stewart 850-855 Annabelle Nuttall 905-910 Ashlyn Cline
855-900 Mateo Hollenbach 855-900 Ryker Roberts 910-915 Hunter Scheffield
900-905 Carissa Lundberg 900-905 Jayda Runia 915-920 Erin Astin
905-910 Colby Blackham 905-910 Ashton Woodbury 920-925 Bridger Gee
910-915 Ashleigh Pester 910-915 Lexi Simons 925-930 Sienna Jenson
915-920 Ozzy Pixton 915-920 David Shern 930-935 James Barroso
920-925 Tahlia Alger 920-925 Ysabel Nelson 935-940 Ben Bautista
925-930 Gavin Gunnarson 925-930 Weston Briggs

930-935 Lily Worthley 930-935 Evan Losada

1250-1255 Natalie Miller 1250-1255 Katelyn Moffatt 1200-1205 Ainsley Linford
1255-100 Tanya Patel 1255-100 Paige Frohman 1205-1210 Sarah Schmitt
100-105 George Hammell 100-105 Casey Bills 1210-1215 Bryon Trimble
105-110 Shelby Kener 105-110 Riley Levin 1215-1220 Aundra Dillard
110-115 Lucy Hammell 110-115 Gracie Lund 1220-1225 Lizzie McKinnon
115-120 Dylan Swensen 115-120 Jakob Johnson 1225-1230 Beau Edmunds
120-125 Carah Garff 120-125 Kate Wilkinson 1230-1235 Eliza Scott
125-130 Savannah Powell 125-130 Scarlett Johnsen 1235-1240 Avery Lehenbauer
130-135 Kai Fehrenbach 130-135 Kacetin Parry

Monday, May 12, 2014

We have four weeks of work left!  This week we are pushing hard, with centers and math stations going strong!  Let's all work to really keep things going strong - no slacking until the year is truly done!

Please remember that daily reading (at least 20 minutes) is essential!

Please keep up on homework.  Math and Sight Words papers are down to about 50% - half of the students are not turning homework in!

Thanks to the volunteers who are still coming in regularly.  Please keep us going until the end of the first week of June - we are really working hard to get the kids as solidly ready to move from kindergarten as possible, and we really need your continued support!!!

Thank you!