Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I can't believe it, but the third term is winding down!  Here we are heading into the home stretch already!

I'd like to take a moment to thank those of our volunteers who have continued to come in and assist.  It really makes a world of difference!  If you have the means, PLEASE join us!  The more assistance we have, truly the more we can do for our students!  We could really use 1 or 2 people every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday in centers time.  Please check your schedules and let me know if you can help us out.  Thank you!

Reading, reading, reading!  Our classes did a great job with the reading contest!  The AM class ended up taking second place in the whole contest, beating out three 1st grade and two 2nd grade classes!  Way to go reading kids and supporting families!

We have about 13 weeks of school left.  Please, let's step up the reading.  By now, the 20 daily reading minutes that you do with your child should have at least 5-10 of those minutes filled by your child reading to you.  In three weeks, at the end of term 3, our benchmark to be on grade level is mastery of a level C book, including comprehension and accuracy of text reading.  Please practice by periodically asking questions as you read to your child, this will help to develop the necessary thinking skills used while reading.

The kids are doing well in math!  We are currently working on measurement in the AM class and PM is still going strong with our math Mysteries, focusing on the basic thought process for multiplication.

Our new IB unit is in full swing, and each of the children have chosen a profession to research and present an oral report on.  Research will be done at school with Research Buddies (Middle Schoolers) and sent hole for your to work into a presentation with your child.  More details about this as the time draws nearer!

As always, thank you for your support!