Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Welcome back!  I hope the break was amazing and refreshing for your family!

We are still going strong with daily centers and math stations.  I am asking anew for volunteers!  About this time of year we see a tapering of volunteer time, but we really need to keep it up and stay strong!  Check the schedule on this class website and please see if you can come in during centers or math stations and help up really raise the level of what we are doing in class!

Our kids are working hard on reading skills in class.  Please remember to support them at home by reading DAILY for at least 20 minutes with your child.  5-10 minutes of that time should be your child reading to you, the rest can be you reading to your child.  The end of Term 3 benchmark is to have mastered Level C and be taking that level home for Leveled Library.  We have 4 1/2 weeks to make this happen, let's really go for it!

Thanks to all of your for your support of our reading contest this year.  The kids did great, and our AM class was 2nd in the school for overall reading minutes!  Thank you for helping them read so much!

Our new IB unit started this week, it is called How We Organize Ourselves, and has to do with community helpers (jobs).  We will be learning about how the jobs that people do help our community.