Sunday, October 26, 2014

Report cards are out, and we are ready to start our second week of term 2.  We have been talking a lot about farms, what comes from farms, what tools are used on forms, how things get from farms to home, etc.  In enrichment we have been searching US and world maps to find areas with certain types of farms.

The farm field trip was great!  We saw and touched farm animals, walked through a corn maze, and chose a pumpkin to take home.  In class for the rest of the week we talked about what we had seen and made connections to things we had learned about farms already.

This Friday will be our Halloween Party!  Thanks to Charity Cobb and all of the parents who are involved in the planning of this.  Please send your child to school Friday morning in his or her costume.  AM class ends at the regular time of 1030.  If you want to attend or watch the parade at 1045, feel free to bring your child and keep him or her with you, as I will be with my PM class.  Enrichment will end at the regular Friday time of 120.

We are starting spelling this week.  Please watch for spelling lists and explanations to go home Monday.

More to come!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Today we started our new IB unit, EIEIO, about farms and how we share the planet.  Our lines of inquiry are:

1. What comes from farms?
2. How do farms work?
3. How do things get from the farm to my home?

Look for information coming on a project to search for farm products at home as well as information about a final project - an oral report on farms!

Please remember that daily reading is essential!  At least 20 minutes a day (5 of those must be your child reading to you) of reading or being read to is extremely important.  Each child will read with me either 1-on-1 or in a small group 1-2 times per week as well.  Let's really make this happen for our kids!

Thanks to all of you who come on and volunteer - you really make a difference!  And...there is always room for more!

This week is our Annual Giving fund drive.  We are shooting for 100% participation in our classes.  Please take the opportunity to donate online or by sending in the envelope that was sent to your home last week.  The funds we collect during Annual Giving allow us to purchase new computers, keep assistants in the classrooms, and other things that make Channing Hall the school community that we are.  Please join us in our goal of 100% participation!

Friday night at 5:00 is our annual Harvest Festival, marking the end of Annual Giving week.  please be sure to attend, and feel free to bring family and friends!  There will be a petting zoo, ponies, a camel, face painting, several fun games, even BINGO!  Come and enjoy some time with our Channing Hall family.  All proceeds go to the school!

Thanks for your support!  You really do make the difference!