Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I am truly amazed at how quickly the time goes.  Here we are at the end of 2013!

We will have regular hard-working days Mon-Thu this week!  Please work with your child to keep up on penmanship, math, and daily reading.  There is no spelling center this week, so please be sure to do spelling practice at home as well - the test will be on Friday!

Please remember to dress your child warmly - it is VERY COLD outside!  They MUST wear coats, gloves, socks (take note girls), and hats.  Let's stay warm and safe!

Watch for a special reading contest form to be sent home on Friday.  This will be done over the break, and classes reaching their goal will get a special party in January!

Happy Holidays!   More to come...

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Yes!  Thanks to Bobby in our technical department, I finally now have complete and total control of our class website!  Well, there is really a lot going on, as always.  I often catch myself talking about how "this time of year" is so busy, but when I think about it, there really aren't any times of year that are not super busy!

We are into chapter four of our math book, which is working with composing and decomposing numbers up to 10.  As always, we would love to have more parents in during math stations (Mon-Thu the last 1/2 hour of the day) to work with us!  We are also working on our counting, both forward and backwards.  Forward from 0-50, backward from 20-0.

As you can see from the section about letter names and sounds, we are well into our word families.  We practice those several times a week.  We are also working on understanding and hearing syllables in our phonemic awareness work.  Spelling is going full steam, with new lists on Mondays and quizzes on Fridays.  Feel free to come in and assist with our literacy centers (Mon Tues Thurs Fri the first hour), the more help we have, the better!

We are working during writing time on actually writing down our stories now.  We are working on making full sentences and writing the same way we talk.  Penmanship is going strong as well, and I have noticed an improvement lately (Gg, Jj, Pp, Qq) over penmanship quality of the past.  Great job!

We are as always really focusing on reading.  This is an essential life skill.  We read together during the week, sometimes as a practice, sometimes as an assessment, and the kids are improving steadily.  Please keep up on reading daily with your child - this is truly vital.  At least 20 minutes a day reading!

We have expanded our song repertoire now to include several holiday/winter songs.  Sometimes we break out the egg shakers, and really get down!

Our current IB unit focuses on families.  How families, work, what roles we have in our families, and how those roles differ from family to family.  It's always interesting an fun to learn about the families of the students!

Thank you for letting your children come to our class.  It is truly a joy to see them and listen to them and share time with them every day.  Each one of them is amazing and precious and truly loved.

Mr. Matt

Thursday, December 5, 2013

I'm having some trouble updating the blog - security has some areas blocked!  
I'll send out an email as soon as I get things updated!  
Thanks for your patience!