Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Well...it has been a while!  Here is was so proud of how well things were going this year, how smoothly things were flowing...and then I realized I have totally neglected the class blog!

As you can see from the upcoming events list, we have a party this Friday, and all of next week is off.  Yes, the time off will be nice and give ma a chance to catch up on things (next years scope and sequence, etc.), but it always comes with a price - I don't get to be with the kids for several days!

Jazz reading has a full week left - the last minutes will be turned in BY EMAIL on Tuesday the 18th.  More on that procedure will come to you through your email - please watch for it.  We are doing well again this year, the kids are reading a lot.  I did notice a dip in our minutes this past week, we are down several hundred in both classes.  Let's step it up again and really end strong!  As you may or may not know, for every 1000 minutes that my kids read, I will take a pie in the face at our Jazz assembly.  At the moment, we are looking at 57 pies.  Last year's class set a record and i was smashed by 82 pies - I'm SURE we can beat that this year!  100 pies would be awesome!  It means a LOT of reading these last 8 days!  Let's go for it!!!

On the serious side of reading, I have seen enormous growth in the students' reading skills through the past few weeks - as always happens.  Please take the chance to really push for this last week.  There is ALWAYS a positive result in the form of stronger reading skills!  Thank you for your support!

More to come!