Monday, August 25, 2014

What a great first day!  It was wonderful finally getting all of the kids together and really starting the school year.

For AM kids, please note the sight words for this week - the homework is in the yellow folder and needs to come back this Friday.  Thanks to all of you who have already set up volunteer time, keep it coming!  Ideally, we will have two or three parents per day during centers and math stations time.  We are in full swing come next Tuesday, so please let me know ASAP when you would like to come in!

Enrichment parents - we have had to make an adjustment to pour schedule to accommodate a change ion lunchtime.  Please note the updated schedule at the bottom of this web page.  We would love to have two or three parents DAILY during our Enrichment centers time.  Please let me know ASAP when you are available to help out in class, we will be in full swing and completely on schedule by Tuesday September 2nd!

Please also remember how essential daily reading is for your children.  Being read to for 20 minutes a day makes a real difference in your child's reading progress.  Eventually the ratio will shift and your child will be doing more and more of the reading on his or her own, but be be sure to continue reading to your child daily at this point.

Well, hopefully the stuffed animals have gone to sleep by now, I guess we'll know tomorrow morning how it all went!

More to come!