Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sight words, sight words, sight words!

We have just a few days left to finish all of the sight words so we can have a water party the last day of school!  Again, ALL students need to pass ALL 80 sight words for the party to happen!  Last weekend emails were sent home for all students who still have sight words to master.  The emails had a list of remaining sight words.  PLEASE PRACTICE THESE!  I will assess tomorrow (Friday) and see if we can get cleared.  As of this moment, 11 of 26 students have passed all 80 words.  15 more students to go!

Please continue to read read read with your students.  At least 20 minutes a day, 10 of it your child reading out loud to you.  This is a complete MUST in order to be ready for first grade, and needs to continue ALL SUMMER! 

Here is the schedule for next week:

Monday June 1st:  regular school hours, 6:00 PM Kindergarten Program at Channing Hall

Tuesday June 2nd:  regular school hours

Wednesday June 3rd:  Fun Run day.  Beginning time is regular.  Please send a sack lunch with your child and we will eat here together after the run.  Your child can be picked up at 1:00. Enrichment students will be here until the usual 3:20.

Thursday June 4th:  regular school hours, final class party

Friday June 5th: AM class here from 8:15-10:05, Enrichment from 10:05-12:00

Thanks for all you do!

Monday, May 4, 2015

It's May!  Time really flies!

We have studied about reptiles in the past couple of weeks, adding to our knowledge about animals that started with amphibian study.  We have learned that the three characteristics of reptiles are:

1. Reptiles have a backbone
2. Reptiles have scaly skin
3. Reptiles are cold-blooded

All reptiles have these three characteristics and only reptiles have all three of these characteristics.  We have also studied birds and have discovered that birds have seven unique characteristics:

1. Birds have two feet
2. Birds have two wings
3. Birds have a backbone
4. Birds are warm-blooded
5. Birds lay eggs
6. Birds have feathers - no other creature does
7. Bird have a beak or a bill

This week we are learning about fish, next week will be mammals.

Our trip to the zoo was a great success!  The weather was lovely and we had a fantastic and educational time.  Thank you to our great volunteers for helping us to have an awesome field trip!

This week is a normal week for our AM class meaning no days off and no special events.  Enrichment has a special activity with the middle school CTE class on Monday!

Please remember our Kindergarten program coming up in June - you won't want to miss it!  Students need to be here at school 15 minutes before start time dressed in "Sunday Best" style of clothes.  Who knows, I might even wear a tie...

Keep reading daily!  This is a skill that stays with your child for all of his/her life.  Please also remember to work on SIGHT WORDS!  We will have a water party the last week of school to celebrate IF all students pass all 80 sight words before then.  Lists of words still needed to be passed will be sent home sometime this week.

We have worked a lot on shapes this past couple of weeks.  Ask your student about the sides and vertices on squares, circles, triangles, rectangles, and hexagons.  This week - 3D shapes!

Please continue to volunteer.  We have had to cut back some of our centers because of lack of parental volunteers.  Come endure to the end with us!