Monday, May 27, 2013

Well, here we are near the end.  I must be honest, this is not a happy time of the year for me.  I love seeing how much the children have grown and learned, and I enjoy seeing their excitement at the approaching summer vacation.  But I get a little selfish and think a lot about how hard it is to let them go.  I have had the sweet experience of spending time almost daily with your children for nearly 10 months.  I will miss them terribly.

That said, it's time for them to move along.  They have worked hard and are ready for the next chapter in their adventure.  I send with them all of my love and hope and support.

Animal reports are this week!  I'm excited to see and hear them!  As always, you are welcome to come and watch, remembering that part of the final score for your student's report is presenting on his or her own. 

The Fun Run takes place this Friday, May 31st.  ALL students (AM and PM) will need to come to school in the morning, by 8:15.  We will run, then head over to the park for a field day.  I could really use several volunteers to help Ms. Jennifer and myself keep track of 50 students at the park!  Please let me know if you are available to assist!  The students will need to bring a sack lunch, we will eat together.  I am not sure if we will eat at the park or back at Channing Hall, but it will be at about 12:30 or so.  The students will be released at the regular time for Friday afternoon pickup, which is 1:20.  As always, stay in your car and follow the directions that the carpool teachers give in picking up your children.

Just a reminder - we have a program on Monday June 3rd at 6:00 PM at Channing Hall.  Please have your child here by 5:45 so that we can get ready.  Dress for the evening is semi-formal, nice clothes.  the program will last about 45 minutes.

We are finished with spelling!  Thank you to all of you for the support you gave your children with daily practice at home, and a special thanks to our Spelling Specialists who came in weekly to assist!

Assessments went well.  We still have a few things here and there to check on with the children, but we are nearing the end.  Please continue daily reading and if your child was given a slip of paper with sight words, please work on them.  The children have been promised a water party IF ALL STUDENTS PASS ALL SIGHT WORDS.  If this happens, the party will be held on Wednesday, June 5th during regular school hours.

The final end-of-year party will be held on June 6th.  AM will be in school from 8:15-10:00, and PM will be held from 10:15-12:00, when the school will close for the Summer.

We have some dolls in our playhouse who need a home.  Anyone interested, please email me.  First come, first served.

See you at the animal reports!